The Successful Singer: By Helene Goldnadel of International Creative Artists

Recording artists that actually cut records, singers that make it out of the shower, performers who actually get deals and sell records?

Helene Goldnadel, the owner of the Institution of the Arts International Creative Artists licensed in the State Of California puts it this way:

“Singing and music is more a business than an art!”

She continues: “Just like acting, the recording industry is a business of referral. It is quite difficult to get any type of deal if you don’t know someone. When I was in New York I partnered up with a music producer from France. We did quite a few productions.

At the time you had to mix in a 48 track SSL studio.

We would record in a 24 track studio and mix in a bigger room. You needed all the keyboards, all the outboards.

We sold the tracks to record companies in France, London, Japan and the US. Fortunately technology allows you to do all of this from your computer these days! Good for the kids that become savvy in music production. They can do their own demo. The key to success in the music industry is really based upon the looks, the age range, as well as the talent. Take Hillary Duff for instance, she was discovered by one of the top agencies out of which three agents come in at different times, every month and a half, to scout our graduates at International Creative Artists, as per our placement program.

Well my point is, that if you are all American, with a nice sound, like a decent voice and range you may be able to get something going in terms of a deal. You have to have it all these days:

The voice, the looks, the intent towards the business, parents that believe in you and will pay for the singing and acting lessons. These days they want multi-talented artists!

Rappers showed the way such as Missy Elliott. She writes as well as she raps and is one of the most outstanding performers. She broke the standards by creating her own image, but eventually lost the weight and is now among the beautiful performers!

The industry has exploded with crossed-over acts also, where rappers speak in a softer voice, appealing to any and all listeners. They have made their acts accessible to a much larger audience.

Not knowing anyone if you have incredible talent does not have to slow you down. At International Creative Artists, we have the right trainings in any and all acting curriculums; we have recording artists and singing classes, (all our teachers are licensed in the State of California, and have worked in the film/TV/recording industry for many years.)

Modeling is the only thing you don’t have to be trained to do, as long as you look gorgeous and “fashiony” with the right age range and weight, as well as height. At International Creative Artists we have Petra who is from Milan and teaches our graduates still camera work, runway, hair nails make-up. If you are going to do some of the aspects of modeling, it is of course better to be trained for it. High fashion and being a top model is only possible if all the criteria are there. Anyway back to singing, that you need to have skills for, just like in acting: proper breathing skills along with voice placement, the ability to reach certain notes that may be within your range, but are yet difficult to reach if you are not trained. You have to “vocalize”, do scales, do breathing exercises etc. etc. And knowing how to breathe works also for actors! How many times do you have to do a scene! One of our graduates, Magdalena Zielinska says that without proper breathing techniques she would not be as effective when it comes to an action packed movie.

The purpose of this site is not to advertise International Creative Artists classes. It is to inform the public, and especially aspiring singers, actors and models, about the way the industry works. You are however welcome to call us at our Institution and come in for a free evaluation.

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